bson – BSON (Binary JSON) Encoding and Decoding

BSON (Binary JSON) encoding and decoding.

class bson.BSON

BSON (Binary JSON) data.

decode(as_class=<type 'dict'>, tz_aware=False)

Decode this BSON data.

The default type to use for the resultant document is dict. Any other class that supports __setitem__() can be used instead by passing it as the as_class parameter.

If tz_aware is True (recommended), any datetime instances returned will be timezone-aware, with their timezone set to bson.tz_util.utc. Otherwise (default), all datetime instances will be naive (but contain UTC).

  • as_class (optional): the class to use for the resulting document
  • tz_aware (optional): if True, return timezone-aware datetime instances

New in version 1.9.

classmethod encode(document, check_keys=False)

Encode a document to a new BSON instance.

A document can be any mapping type (like dict).

Raises TypeError if document is not a mapping type, or contains keys that are not instances of basestring. Raises InvalidDocument if document cannot be converted to BSON.

  • document: mapping type representing a document
  • check_keys (optional): check if keys start with ‘$’ or contain ‘.’, raising InvalidDocument in either case

New in version 1.9.

classmethod from_dict(dct, check_keys=False)

DEPRECATED - from_dict has been renamed to encode.

Changed in version 1.9: Deprecated in favor of encode()

to_dict(as_class=<type 'dict'>, tz_aware=False)

DEPRECATED - to_dict has been renamed to decode.

Changed in version 1.9: Deprecated in favor of decode()

New in version 1.8: The tz_aware parameter.

New in version 1.7: The as_class parameter.


Is the C extension installed?

New in version 1.9.


Check that the given string represents valid BSON data.

Raises TypeError if bson is not an instance of str. Returns True if bson is valid BSON, False otherwise.

  • bson: the data to be validated


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