The following is a list of people who have contributed to PyMongo. If you belong here and are missing please let us know (or send a pull request after adding yourself to the list):

  • Mike Dirolf (mdirolf)
  • Jeff Jenkins (jeffjenkins)
  • Jim Jones
  • Eliot Horowitz (erh)
  • Michael Stephens (mikejs)
  • Joakim Sernbrant (serbaut)
  • Alexander Artemenko (svetlyak40wt)
  • Mathias Stearn (RedBeard0531)
  • Fajran Iman Rusadi (fajran)
  • Brad Clements (bkc)
  • Andrey Fedorov (andreyf)
  • Joshua Roesslein (joshthecoder)
  • Gregg Lind (gregglind)
  • Michael Schurter (schmichael)
  • Daniel Lundin
  • Michael Richardson (mtrichardson)
  • Dan McKinley (mcfunley)
  • David Wolever (wolever)
  • Carlos Valiente (carletes)

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