Package com.mongodb

Main package with core files.


Interface Summary
DBCallback The DB callback interface.
DBCallbackFactory The DBCallback factory interface.
DBConnector Interface that provides the ability to exchange request/response with the database
DBObject A key-value map that can be saved to the database.

Class Summary
BasicDBList a basic implementation of bson list that is mongo specific
BasicDBObject a basic implementation of bson object that is mongo specific.
BasicDBObjectBuilder utility for building complex objects example: BasicDBObjectBuilder.start().add( "name" , "eliot" ).add( "number" , 17 ).get()
Bytes Class that hold definitions of the wire protocol
CommandResult A simple wrapper for the result of getLastError() calls and other commands
DB an abstract class that represents a logical database on a server
DBAddress Represents a database address
DBApiLayer Database API This cannot be directly instantiated, but the functions are available through instances of Mongo.
DBCollection This class provides a skeleton implementation of a database collection.
DBCursor An iterator over database results.
DBPointer Deprecated.  
DBPort represents a Port to the database, which is effectively a single connection to a server Methods implemented at the port level should throw the raw exceptions like IOException, so that the connector above can make appropriate decisions on how to handle.
DBRef overrides DBRefBase to understand a BSONObject representation of a reference.
DBRefBase represents a database reference, which points to an object stored in the database
DefaultDBCallback This class overrides BasicBSONCallback to implement some extra features specific to the Database.
GroupCommand This class groups the argument for a group operation and can build the underlying command object
MapReduceCommand This class groups the argument for a map/reduce operation and can build the underlying command object
MapReduceOutput Represents the result of a map/reduce operation
Mongo A database connection with internal pooling.
Mongo.Holder Mongo.Holder can be used as a static place to hold several instances of Mongo.
MongoOptions Various settings for the driver
MongoURI Represents a URI which can be used to create a Mongo instance.
QueryBuilder Utility for creating DBObject queries
QueryOperators MongoDB keywords for various query operations
RawDBObject This object wraps the binary object format ("BSON") used for the transport of serialized objects to / from the Mongo database.
ReflectionDBObject This class enables to map simple Class fields to a BSON object fields
ReflectionDBObject.JavaWrapper Represents a wrapper around the DBObject to interface with the Class fields
ReplicaSetStatus keeps replica set status has a background thread to ping so it stays current TODO pull config to get priority slave delay tags (when we do it)
ServerAddress mongo server address
ServerError Represents a server error
WriteConcern WriteConcern control the write behavior for with various options, as well as exception raising on error conditions.
WriteResult This class lets you access the results of the previous write.

Enum Summary
MapReduceCommand.OutputType INLINE - Return results inline, no result is written to the DB server REPLACE - Save the job output to a collection, replacing its previous content MERGE - Merge the job output with the existing contents of outputTarget collection REDUCE - Reduce the job output with the existing contents of outputTarget collection

Exception Summary
MongoException A general exception raised in Mongo
MongoException.CursorNotFound Subclass of MongoException representing a cursor-not-found exception
MongoException.DuplicateKey Subclass of MongoException representing a duplicate key exception
MongoException.Network Subclass of MongoException representing a network-related exception
MongoInternalException An Mongo exception internal to the driver, not carrying any error code

Package com.mongodb Description

Main package with core files. @see Mongo is the main entry point.