MongoDB  2.7.0
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mongo::mapsf< M > Struct Template Reference

Thread safe map. More...

#include <mapsf.h>

Inheritance diagram for mongo::mapsf< M >:


struct  ref

Public Types

typedef M::const_iterator const_iterator
typedef M::key_type key_type
typedef M::mapped_type mapped_type

Public Member Functions

void swap (M &rhs)
bool empty ()
mapped_type get (key_type k)

Public Attributes

SimpleMutex m


struct ref

Detailed Description

template<class M>
struct mongo::mapsf< M >

Thread safe map.

Be careful not to use this too much or it could make things slow; if not a hot code path no problem. Examples:

mapsf< map<int,int>, int, int > mp;

int x = mp.get();

map< map<int,int>, int, int > two; mp.swap(two);

{ mapsf< map<int,int>, int, int >::ref r(mp); r[9] = 1; map<int,int>::iterator i = r.r.begin(); }

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