MongoDB  2.7.0
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mongo::optionenvironment::Constraint Class Referenceabstract

A Constraint validates an Environment. More...

#include <constraints.h>

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mongo::optionenvironment::KeyConstraint mongo::optionenvironment::ImmutableKeyConstraint mongo::optionenvironment::MutuallyExclusiveKeyConstraint mongo::optionenvironment::NumericKeyConstraint mongo::optionenvironment::RequiresOtherKeyConstraint mongo::optionenvironment::StringFormatKeyConstraint mongo::optionenvironment::TypeKeyConstraint< T >

Public Member Functions

Status operator() (const Environment &env)

Detailed Description

A Constraint validates an Environment.

It has one function, which takes an Environment as an argument and returns either a success or failure Status depending on whether the Environment was valid according to this constraint

These are meant to be registered with an Environment to define what it means for that Environment to be "valid" and run as part of its validation process

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