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mongo::SummaryEstimators< Sample, NumQuantiles > Class Template Reference

Provides the funcionality of both BasicEstimators and DistributionEstimators. More...

#include <descriptive_stats.h>

Inheritance diagram for mongo::SummaryEstimators< Sample, NumQuantiles >:
mongo::BasicEstimators< Sample > mongo::DistributionEstimators< NumQuantiles >

Public Member Functions

SummaryEstimatorsoperator<< (const Sample sample)
Sample min () const
Sample max () const
BSONObj statisticSummaryToBSONObj () const
- Public Member Functions inherited from mongo::BasicEstimators< Sample >
BasicEstimatorsoperator<< (const Sample sample)
 Update estimators with another observed value.
size_t count () const
double mean () const
double stddev () const
Sample min () const
Sample max () const
void appendBasicToBSONObjBuilder (BSONObjBuilder &b) const
 Appends the basic estimators to the provided BSONObjBuilder.
- Public Member Functions inherited from mongo::DistributionEstimators< NumQuantiles >
DistributionEstimatorsoperator<< (const double sample)
double quantile (std::size_t i) const
 Updates the estimators with another observed value.
bool quantilesReady () const
double min () const
double max () const
double median () const
double probability (std::size_t i) const
double icdf (double prob) const
void appendQuantilesToBSONArrayBuilder (BSONArrayBuilder &arr) const
 Appends the quantiles to the provided BSONArrayBuilder. More...

Additional Inherited Members

- Static Public Attributes inherited from mongo::DistributionEstimators< NumQuantiles >
static const size_t numberOfQuantiles = NumQuantiles
 Number of computed quantiles, excluding minimum and maximum.

Detailed Description

template<class Sample, std::size_t NumQuantiles>
class mongo::SummaryEstimators< Sample, NumQuantiles >

Provides the funcionality of both BasicEstimators and DistributionEstimators.

Member Function Documentation

template<class Sample , std::size_t NumQuantiles>
BSONObj mongo::SummaryEstimators< Sample, NumQuantiles >::statisticSummaryToBSONObj ( ) const
a summary of the computed estimators as a BSONObj.

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