MongoDB  2.7.0
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mongo::GridFile Class Reference

wrapper for a file stored in the Mongo database More...

#include <gridfs.h>

Public Member Functions

bool exists () const
string getFilename () const
int getChunkSize () const
gridfs_offset getContentLength () const
string getContentType () const
Date_t getUploadDate () const
string getMD5 () const
BSONElement getFileField (const string &name) const
BSONObj getMetadata () const
int getNumChunks () const
GridFSChunk getChunk (int n) const
gridfs_offset write (ostream &out) const
 write the file to the output stream
gridfs_offset write (const string &where) const
 write the file to this filename


class GridFS

Detailed Description

wrapper for a file stored in the Mongo database

Member Function Documentation

bool mongo::GridFile::exists ( ) const
whether or not this file exists findFile will always return a GriFile, so need to check this

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