MongoDB  2.7.0
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mongo::DBConnector Class Referenceabstract

interface that handles communication with the db More...

#include <dbclientinterface.h>

Inheritance diagram for mongo::DBConnector:
mongo::DBClientBase mongo::DBClientConnection mongo::DBClientReplicaSet mongo::SyncClusterConnection

Public Member Functions

virtual bool call (Message &toSend, Message &response, bool assertOk=true, string *actualServer=0)=0
 actualServer is set to the actual server where they call went if there was a choice (SlaveOk)
virtual void say (Message &toSend, bool isRetry=false, string *actualServer=0)=0
virtual void sayPiggyBack (Message &toSend)=0
virtual bool recv (Message &m)
virtual void checkResponse (const char *data, int nReturned, bool *retry=NULL, string *targetHost=NULL)
virtual bool lazySupported () const =0

Detailed Description

interface that handles communication with the db

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