MongoDB  2.7.0
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mongo::BSONObjBuilderValueStream Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 BSONObjBuilderValueStream (BSONObjBuilder *builder)
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (const BSONElement &e)
template<class T >
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (T value)
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (const DateNowLabeler &id)
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (const NullLabeler &id)
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (const UndefinedLabeler &id)
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (const MinKeyLabeler &id)
BSONObjBuilderoperator<< (const MaxKeyLabeler &id)
Labeler operator<< (const Labeler::Label &l)
void endField (const StringData &nextFieldName=StringData())
bool subobjStarted () const
BufBuildersubobjStart ()
BufBuildersubarrayStart ()
BSONObjBuilderbuilder ()


class Labeler

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