MongoDB  2.7.0
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mongo::BSONArrayBuilder Class Reference
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Public Member Functions

 BSONArrayBuilder (BufBuilder &_b)
 BSONArrayBuilder (int initialSize)
template<typename T >
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const T &x)
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const BSONElement &e)
BSONArrayBuilderoperator<< (const BSONElement &e)
template<typename T >
BSONArrayBuilderoperator<< (const T &x)
void appendNull ()
void appendUndefined ()
BSONArray arr ()
 destructive - ownership moves to returned BSONArray More...
BSONObj obj ()
BSONObj done ()
void doneFast ()
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const StringData &name, int n)
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const StringData &name, long long n)
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const StringData &name, double n)
template<typename T >
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const StringData &name, const T &x)
template<class T >
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const std::list< T > &vals)
template<class T >
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const std::set< T > &vals)
BufBuildersubobjStart ()
BufBuildersubarrayStart ()
BufBuildersubobjStart (int pos)
BufBuildersubarrayStart (int pos)
BufBuildersubobjStart (const StringData &name)
BufBuildersubarrayStart (const StringData &name)
BSONArrayBuilderappendArray (const StringData &name, const BSONObj &subObj)
BSONArrayBuilderappendAs (const BSONElement &e, const StringData &name)
BSONArrayBuilderappendTimestamp (unsigned int sec, unsigned int inc)
BSONArrayBuilderappendTimestamp (unsigned long long ts)
BSONArrayBuilderappend (const StringData &s)
bool isArray () const
int len () const
int arrSize () const
BufBuilderbb ()

Member Function Documentation

BSONArray mongo::BSONArrayBuilder::arr ( )

destructive - ownership moves to returned BSONArray

owned BSONArray

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