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boost::modified_shared_mutex Class Reference
Inheritance diagram for boost::modified_shared_mutex:

Public Member Functions

bool try_lock_shared ()
void lock_shared ()
template<typename TimeDuration >
bool timed_lock_shared (TimeDuration const &relative_time)
bool timed_lock_shared (boost::system_time const &wait_until)
void unlock_shared ()
void lock ()
template<typename TimeDuration >
bool timed_lock (TimeDuration const &relative_time)
bool try_lock ()
bool timed_lock (boost::system_time const &wait_until)
void unlock ()
void lock_upgrade ()
bool try_lock_upgrade ()
void unlock_upgrade ()
void unlock_upgrade_and_lock ()
void unlock_and_lock_upgrade ()
void unlock_and_lock_shared ()
void unlock_upgrade_and_lock_shared ()

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