package scala

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Type Members

  1. trait Deserializers extends MongoConversionHelper

    Converters for reading Scala types from MongoDB

  2. trait JodaDateTimeDeserializer extends MongoConversionHelper

  3. trait JodaDateTimeHelpers extends JodaDateTimeSerializer with JodaDateTimeDeserializer

  4. trait JodaDateTimeSerializer extends MongoConversionHelper

  5. trait OptionSerializer extends MongoConversionHelper

  6. trait ScalaJCollectionSerializer extends MongoConversionHelper

    Implementation which is aware of the possible conversions in scalaj-collection and attempts to Leverage it.

  7. trait ScalaRegexSerializer extends MongoConversionHelper

  8. trait Serializers extends MongoConversionHelper with ScalaRegexSerializer with ScalaJCollectionSerializer with OptionSerializer

    Converters for saving Scala types to MongoDB

Value Members

  1. object DeregisterJodaTimeConversionHelpers extends JodaDateTimeHelpers

  2. object RegisterConversionHelpers extends Serializers with Deserializers

    " Register" Object, calls the registration methods.

  3. object RegisterJodaTimeConversionHelpers extends JodaDateTimeHelpers

  4. object DeregisterConversionHelpers extends Serializers with Deserializers

    "DeRegister" Object, calls the unregistration methods.