Uses of Interface

Packages that use DBEncoder
com.mongodb Main package with core files. 

Uses of DBEncoder in com.mongodb

Classes in com.mongodb that implement DBEncoder
 class DefaultDBEncoder

Methods in com.mongodb that return DBEncoder
 DBEncoder DBEncoderFactory.create()

Methods in com.mongodb with parameters of type DBEncoder
abstract  void DBCollection.createIndex(DBObject keys, DBObject options, DBEncoder encoder)
          Forces creation of an index on a set of fields, if one does not already exist.
abstract  WriteResult DBCollection.insert(DBObject[] arr, WriteConcern concern, DBEncoder encoder)
          Saves document(s) to the database.
abstract  WriteResult DBCollection.remove(DBObject o, WriteConcern concern, DBEncoder encoder)
          Removes objects from the database collection.
abstract  WriteResult DBCollection.update(DBObject q, DBObject o, boolean upsert, boolean multi, WriteConcern concern, DBEncoder encoder)
          Performs an update operation.