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Packages that use DBCollection
com.mongodb Main package with core files. 
com.mongodb.gridfs GridFS tools. 

Uses of DBCollection in com.mongodb

Methods in com.mongodb that return DBCollection
 DBCollection MongoURI.connectCollection(DB db)
 DBCollection MongoURI.connectCollection(Mongo m)
 DBCollection DB.createCollection(java.lang.String name, DBObject o)
          Creates a collection with a given name and options.
protected abstract  DBCollection DB.doGetCollection(java.lang.String name)
          Returns the collection represented by the string <dbName>.<collectionName>.
 DBCollection DBCollection.getCollection(java.lang.String n)
          Find a collection that is prefixed with this collection's name.
 DBCollection DB.getCollection(java.lang.String name)
          Gets a collection with a given name.
 DBCollection DB.getCollectionFromString(java.lang.String s)
          Returns a collection matching a given string.
 DBCollection MapReduceOutput.getOutputCollection()
 DBCollection DBCollection.rename(java.lang.String newName)
          does a rename of this collection to newName

Methods in com.mongodb with parameters of type DBCollection
 com.mongodb.Response db, DBCollection coll, com.mongodb.OutMessage m)
 com.mongodb.Response db, DBCollection coll, com.mongodb.OutMessage m, ServerAddress hostNeeded)
 com.mongodb.Response db, DBCollection coll, com.mongodb.OutMessage m, ServerAddress hostNeeded, int retries)
 DBCallback DBCallback.Factory.create(DBCollection collection)

Constructors in com.mongodb with parameters of type DBCollection
DBCallback(DBCollection coll)
DBCursor(DBCollection collection, DBObject q, DBObject k)
          Initializes a new database cursor

Uses of DBCollection in com.mongodb.gridfs

Fields in com.mongodb.gridfs declared as DBCollection
protected  DBCollection GridFS._chunkCollection
protected  DBCollection GridFS._filesCollection