Uses of Class

Packages that use ObjectId
com.mongodb Main package with core files. 
com.mongodb.gridfs GridFS tools. 

Uses of ObjectId in com.mongodb

Methods in com.mongodb that return ObjectId
 ObjectId DBPointer.getId()

Methods in com.mongodb with parameters of type ObjectId
 void DBCallback.gotDBRef(String name, String ns, ObjectId id)

Constructors in com.mongodb with parameters of type ObjectId
DBPointer(String ns, ObjectId id)
          Deprecated. CTOR used for testing BSON encoding.

Uses of ObjectId in com.mongodb.gridfs

Methods in com.mongodb.gridfs with parameters of type ObjectId
 GridFSDBFile GridFS.find(ObjectId id)
 GridFSDBFile GridFS.findOne(ObjectId id)
 void GridFS.remove(ObjectId id)

Uses of ObjectId in org.bson

Methods in org.bson with parameters of type ObjectId
 void BSONCallback.gotDBRef(String name, String ns, ObjectId id)
 void BasicBSONCallback.gotDBRef(String name, String ns, ObjectId id)
 void BSONCallback.gotObjectId(String name, ObjectId id)
 void BasicBSONCallback.gotObjectId(String name, ObjectId id)
protected  void BSONEncoder.putObjectId(String name, ObjectId oid)

Uses of ObjectId in org.bson.types

Methods in org.bson.types that return ObjectId
static ObjectId ObjectId.get()
          Gets a new object id.
static ObjectId ObjectId.massageToObjectId(Object o)
          Turn an object into an ObjectId, if possible.

Methods in org.bson.types with parameters of type ObjectId
 int ObjectId.compareTo(ObjectId id)