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mongo::MessagingPort Class Reference
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mongo::AbstractMessagingPort mongo::Socket

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Public Member Functions

 MessagingPort (int fd, const SockAddr &remote)
 MessagingPort (double so_timeout=0, int logLevel=0)
 MessagingPort (Socket &socket)
void shutdown ()
bool recv (Message &m)
void reply (Message &received, Message &response, MSGID responseTo)
void reply (Message &received, Message &response)
bool call (Message &toSend, Message &response)
void say (Message &toSend, int responseTo=-1)
bool recv (const Message &sent, Message &response)
 this is used for doing 'async' queries instead of doing call( to , from ) you would do say( to ) recv( from ) Note: if you fail to call recv and someone else uses this port, horrible things will happend
void piggyBack (Message &toSend, int responseTo=-1)
unsigned remotePort () const
virtual HostAndPort remote () const
void assertStillConnected ()

Static Public Member Functions

static void closeAllSockets (unsigned tagMask=0xffffffff)


class PiggyBackData

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