MongoDB  2.0.3
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dbclient_rs.h File Reference

Connect to a Replica Set, from C++. More...

#include "../pch.h"
#include "dbclient.h"

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class  mongo::ReplicaSetMonitor
 manages state about a replica set for client keeps tabs on whose master and what slaves are up can hand a slave to someone for SLAVE_OK one instace per process per replica set TODO: we might be able to use a regular Node * to avoid _lock More...
struct  mongo::ReplicaSetMonitor::Node
class  mongo::DBClientReplicaSet
 Use this class to connect to a replica set of servers. More...
struct  mongo::DBClientReplicaSet::AuthInfo
 for storing authentication info fields are exactly for DBClientConnection::auth
class  mongo::DBClientReplicaSet::LazyState
 for storing (non-threadsafe) information between lazy calls More...


namespace  mongo
 tools for working in parallel/sharded/clustered environment


typedef shared_ptr
< ReplicaSetMonitor > 
typedef pair< set< string >
, set< int > > 

Detailed Description

Connect to a Replica Set, from C++.