MongoDB  2.0.3
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mongo::HashTable< Key, Type > Class Template Reference

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struct  Node

Public Types

typedef void(* IteratorCallback )(const Key &k, Type &v)
typedef void(* IteratorCallback2 )(const Key &k, Type &v, void *extra)

Public Member Functions

Nodenodes (int i)
int _find (const Key &k, bool &found)
 HashTable (void *buf, int buflen, const char *_name)
Type * get (const Key &k)
void kill (const Key &k)
bool put (const Key &k, const Type &value)
 returns false if too full
void iterAll (IteratorCallback callback)
void iterAll (IteratorCallback2 callback, void *extra)

Public Attributes

const char * name
void * _buf
int n
int maxChain

template<class Key, class Type>
class mongo::HashTable< Key, Type >

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