mongo::HostAndPort Struct Reference

helper for manipulating host:port connection endpoints. More...

#include <hostandport.h>

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Public Member Functions

 HostAndPort (string s)
 From a string hostname[:portnumber] Throws user assertion if bad config string or bad port #.
 HostAndPort (string h, int p)
 HostAndPort (const SockAddr &sock)
bool operator< (const HostAndPort &r) const
bool operator== (const HostAndPort &r) const
bool operator!= (const HostAndPort &r) const
bool isSelf () const
bool isLocalHost () const
string toString (bool includePort=true) const
 operator string () const
string host () const
int port () const
bool hasPort () const
void setPort (int port)

Static Public Member Functions

static HostAndPort me ()
static HostAndPort Me ()

Detailed Description

helper for manipulating host:port connection endpoints.

Constructor & Destructor Documentation

mongo::HostAndPort::HostAndPort ( string  h,
int  p 
) [inline]
p port number. -1 is ok to use default.

Member Function Documentation

string mongo::HostAndPort::toString ( bool  includePort = true  )  const [inline]
includePort host:port if true, host otherwise

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