File List

Here is a list of all documented files with brief descriptions:
admin_access.h [code]
alignedbuilder.h [code]
allocator.h [code]
array.h [code]
assert_util.h [code]
atomic_int.h [code]
background.h [code]
base64.h [code]
bson-inl.h [code]
bson.h [code]Main bson include file for mongodb c++ clients
bson_db.h [code]This file contains the implementation of BSON-related methods that are required by the MongoDB database server
bson_util.h [code]
bsondemo.cppExample of use of BSON from C++
bsonelement.h [code]
bsonmisc.h [code]
bsonobj.h [code]
bsonobjbuilder.h [code]
bsonobjiterator.h [code]
bsontypes.h [code]
bufreader.h [code]
builder.h [code]
checksum.h [code]
mongoutils/checksum.h [code]
compress.h [code]
connpool.h [code]
constants.h [code]
dbclient.h [code]Core MongoDB C++ driver interfaces are defined here
dbclient_rs.h [code]Connect to a Replica Set, from C++
dbclientcursor.h [code]
dbclientmockcursor.h [code]
debug_util.h [code]
distlock.h [code]
embedded_builder.h [code]
file.h [code]
file_allocator.h [code]
goodies.h [code]
gridfs.h [code]
hash.h [code]
hashtab.h [code]
heapcheck.h [code]
hex.h [code]
histogram.h [code]
hostandport.h [code]
html.h [code]
httpclient.h [code]
inline_decls.h [code]
jsobj.h [code]BSON classes
json.h [code]
list.h [code]
listen.h [code]
log.h [code]
logfile.h [code]
lruishmap.h [code]
md5.h [code]
md5.hpp [code]
message.h [code]
message_port.h [code]
message_server.h [code]
miniwebserver.h [code]
misc.h [code]
mmap.h [code]
model.h [code]
moveablebuffer.h [code]
msg.h [code]
mutex.h [code]
mvar.h [code]
ntservice.h [code]
oid.h [code]
optime.h [code]
ordering.h [code]
parallel.h [code]
password.h [code]
paths.h [code]
processinfo.h [code]
queue.h [code]
race.h [code]
ramlog.h [code]
redef_macros.h [code]Macros the implementation uses
rwlock.h [code]
shared_mutex_win.hpp [code]
signal_handlers.h [code]
sock.h [code]
spin_lock.h [code]
str.h [code]
stringdata.h [code]
stringutils.h [code]
syncclusterconnection.h [code]
synchronization.h [code]
task.h [code]
text.h [code]
thread_pool.h [code]
time_support.h [code]
timer.h [code]
undef_macros.h [code]Remove mongo implementation macros after using
unittest.h [code]
value.h [code]
version.h [code]
winutil.h [code]
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