mongo::BSONObjIterator Class Reference

iterator for a BSONObj More...

#include <bsonobjiterator.h>

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Public Member Functions

 BSONObjIterator (const BSONObj &jso)
 Create an iterator for a BSON object.
 BSONObjIterator (const char *start, const char *end)
bool more ()
bool moreWithEOO ()
BSONElement next (bool checkEnd)
BSONElement next ()
void operator++ ()
void operator++ (int)
BSONElement operator* ()

Detailed Description

iterator for a BSONObj

Note each BSONObj ends with an EOO element: so you will get more() on an empty object, although next().eoo() will be true.

The BSONObj must stay in scope for the duration of the iterator's execution.

todo: we may want to make a more stl-like iterator interface for this with things like begin() and end()

Member Function Documentation

bool mongo::BSONObjIterator::more (  )  [inline]
true if more elements exist to be enumerated.
bool mongo::BSONObjIterator::moreWithEOO (  )  [inline]
true if more elements exist to be enumerated INCLUDING the EOO element which is always at the end.
BSONElement mongo::BSONObjIterator::next ( bool  checkEnd  )  [inline]
the next element in the object. For the final element, element.eoo() will be true.

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